Wordpress themes: Difference between responsive and mobile

Hi, I am a bit confused of the difference between “mobile WP themes” and normal responsive WP themes. The preview of mobile themes does not show a desktop version. How do those themes look on desktop or do they even work for desktops? I am looking for a theme with a focus on mobile but of course it should also work on desktops.

Which one is more recommended with regards to SEO?



mobile WP themes has made specially for mobile. where responsive wp theme is fit for all devices. In your case you can go with Responsive Theme and you can collect theme from here:

And Mobile WordPress Themes from here

Just use left sidebar search filter to get your best perfect theme.



I am new to this forum. Just have a question?
I want to purchase a Wordpress Theme Website but how easy is it to change things around?
I have no experiance at all.



as you don’t have experiance Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.



Both are great for you! SEO will not be affected at all since you can use a switcher so the links will stay untouched. The advantage for having a Mobile WordPress Theme is that most of them load much, much faster than responsive versions.

On Desktop, Mobile Themes expand to fill the full width, but you can use a Responsive Theme for Desktops / Laptops and a Mobile Theme for Mobile devices. You can switch between them using a plugin,that, as mentioned before, won’t affect SEO at all, and can actually improve it since Google started using Mobile First indexing and that’s also based on loading times!


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