WordPress Themes are marked WPML enabled in the search results while they are not!

I was searching for themes that are WPML enabled and in the results I got two different themes, that I used for two different projects.
1- Consultax
2- HomeSweet - Real Estate
Both themes where marked in the search results that they are WMPL enabled. After building two sites and started the translation I found out that they actually aren’t!
Now, this is really frustrating and I wonder how can this problem be solved, first to prevent other customers from being deceived, and second for me to solve this problem where I bought a license for WPML that I can’t use since both websites I have are not WPML enabled, and one of them is not even RTL enabled.
Thank you

If the theme is marked as WPML compatible and it turns out it isn’t, then you are definitely entitled to get a refund: