WordPress theme

Hi, tell me why they don’t accept my WordPress theme

It’s not ready as to be sold as WordPress theme and it’s not even ready for an HTML template. You need to improve the design more

For example, what to improve?
I took everything that I liked from my head and brought it to life, I don’t know what to add, it baffles me

You should check latest approved themes,
Then try to understand what authors did and why.

The design is a mess, typography inexistent, nothing special about it… WordPress themes have to be premium and to bring unique features to the table, you are far way from that.

Nobody will tell you to do this and that, it is your job to figure this out if you want to sell here, just look at the latest approved WordPress themes as a reference.

It took me 14 months to get a theme approved on TF, got a hard reject and than 16 soft rejects until I get it done, I am telling you this because you need to understand that it is serious :slight_smile: