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Hello There ,
I have a client who wants a website and app with below description. Which is the best WordPress theme with below features that i can purchase.


This represents an application through which the entire digital interface for the Agricultural value chain will be built.

It will enable seamless communication between end users right from the Garden to the Kitchen. It will have various attributes and offerings some of which are listed below;
· Enable the listings via database of available landings for farming
· Enable the listing via database of various farmers and out-growers along their planted land acreage, crops grown, along with potential/projected output.
· Enable the listing of various suppliers or providers to the agricultural value chain for example suppliers of fertilizers, seedlings, etc.…
· Enable the listing of the extension service providers in the areas.

2- LOGISTICS APPLICATION example - https://www.kobo360.com/
This represents an application through which the logistics value chain more specifically in regard to the transportation of goods from point to point within the country and the East African region will be built.
The following will be enabled on the platform;
· Clients who range from large companies in need of cargo transportation through trucks to individuals who would like the “Boda-bodas” to ferry their language from point A to B.
· The transport providers will be able to upload their service offerings and prices onto the platform to enable clients make informed decisions on who they would like to hire.
There would then be a commission charged by the platform for the linkages created in regard to the users.

I appreciate your recommendations

This is not a basic project and you will not get close to it on any stock marketplace.

Done properly you would be talking at least tens of thousands of $ - it’s not something you will be able to done by cutting corners

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