Wordpress Theme X: Having trouble connecting to the Envato's server

Hi, new here. Sorry if I’m not on the right course of getting this solved :slight_smile:
I can’t even register to themeco to let them know I can’t register - maybe someone
can help?
Maybe the problem is on envato’s side?

Just bought X and when trying to verify my purchase, get this:
“We’re having trouble connecting to the Envato’s server to validate your purchase code. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Thank you!


Envato is currently having some issues, I am afraid their API is down too, I will suggest you to try again later today :wink:

Thank you brother!
Appreciated :relaxed:

I am having the same problem right now, is the API problem still going on?
I can see that this discussion was started 14 days ago but I am having it today…

I am getting the same issues today, has this been sorted?

nope, still not working

ok, it looks they fixed it. working now