Wordpress theme without elementor

Hi everyone, is it still possible to find a Wordpress themes that don’t have Elementor? It’s a plugin that gave me lots of problems and I wasn’t able to use this type of theme. I would like to find a theme that does not need Elementor, I used SoloPine themes but they have now closed their business. Thank you!

Lots offer the different options. @greatives have Impeka which is an awesome theme and operates both on Elementor or Gutenberg.

Similar if you like Solopine look at @Dannci as lots of theirs are a similar (but better) style and often do not require Elementor

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I have several themes which are created on “old school way” - using shortcodes. If you are ok with that, check my portfolio.


You could consider upgrading to Zeen. Can easily recreate any of Solopine’s layouts. It uses WordPress customizer for the theme options, Gutenberg for posts, and Tipi Builder for special pages (homepage/landing pages/special category pages/etc). It all just works, this is why Zeen is the highest rated popular magazine of all time.

No Elementor whatsoever = zero headaches :wink:

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Thank you so much Charlie! Could you also suggest some authors who create themes for blogs or coaches?

Thank you Coco, I’ll check your profile :slight_smile:

Thank you @codetipi, I’ll look at it :slight_smile:

@veronicapac Hi There. You can take a look at my portfolio, all my themes use custom widgets/widgets modules, thank you.

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