WordPress Theme With Top Sidebar - Question About Widgets in It


I want to create top sidebar but only for one widget. In other words, only one plugin(widget) will be displayed properly in it. I will wrote about this in description of item and in documentation. Also Top Sidebar won’t be registered until user install plugin ( I think that this is possible ) .

Will theme get soft reject for that ? I’m trying to include only widget in script without sidebar but it’s too much of work and can generate many bugs.

Any widget ready area must support all default widgets, you cannot have it support only one, this will result in soft-reject and even if it went through, detailing that it only supports one widget or not, customers will complain.

Use a theme option instead.

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There are two requirements:

  • The theme needs to be widget ready in all advertised locations ( so I can write that top sidebar is only for one widet and hide all other widgets )
  • All of WordPress’ default widgets should be styled/display properly in all widgetized areas

Which is more important ?

And next thing - it’s about newsletter widget. Of course I can create custom form_field but I can’t create custom mysql table … so or user will get not working newsletter form_field or I need to create what …

Use theme option for that purpose. Create subscription form and style it and use shortcode or function there.

Ok but where save emails from that form if I can’t create new table in database ? And because I can’t create table, how to set sending newsletter for subscribers ?

Many plugins do it … but they are created as widgets.