Wordpress theme with three distinct demos rejected need some design input

After spending a lot of time and effort creating my theme, I have been hard rejected for not crossing certain threshold quality wise.
I’ve been envato member and author (ActiveDen) for 11 years! :slight_smile:
And now I’m really bummed :frowning:
I was wondering how is review process done?
Fresh installed theme does look plane, do reviewers look at the online demos of the theme?
Also theme gets certain functionality only after the required plugins have been activated. Do reviewers go through setup process for the theme?
Can you fellow authors please look at the demos and tell me what you like and don’t like?

Technical demo:


Woocommerce shop:

There are just too many issues with the design, hierarchy and typography. You will not get this theme approved unless you hire a good designer that knows what is doing or if you have design skills manage to figure this out.

Look carefully into the latest themes approved in 2019 not earlier because standards have changed lately they are more strict in the approval process.

All you can do is to try to improve but you will not find anybody to tell you change this or that because it is an overall issue with your theme this is why it has to be build by an experienced designer.

All the best and don’t give up!

Regards. Tibi - FWD.

Thank you very much for your input!
Do you know how can I get in contact with a designer?
I would ideally like to partner with one, and try to redesign the theme.
Theme has a some functionality that is not covered by other themes on themeforest, so maybe it could be a success after all.

Where can I look for design partner, can’t find dedicated forum or tag for something like that.
I have extended licences for slider revolution and wpbakery page builder.
Also I have my own plugin that provides “portfolio” and “team member” post types.
Plugin is also responsible for creating grid and timeline layouts.
Grid layout is created with special backbone.js application in the backend.
You can create each row individually.
I also have full documentation for the theme with more than 50 video tutorials.

hi you need designer contact me my account themeforest “zcubedesign”

i am waiting for your response.

To be honest, I do’nt like your design. Remember, design makes the first impression, so, try to use excellent and atristic design