Wordpress Theme with random Post

I am looking for a Wordpress Theme that will display random posts.

Though the basic theme you can list newest post. Would like to have random post listed instead. For example if using this Theme http://preview.birdwp.com/demo/?theme=Zefir Everytime its reloaded all the listed should be random. Do have many categories that the random post should be used from. Every time a user goes back to main page should be able to see all random posts.

Above is an example, Anyone of a theme that will display random post and not as a side widget. It can also be as a simple slider and basic random post under it just like the free versions of WP themes. Does not have to be fancy. We have well over thousands and thousands of posts that need to be displayed and not forgotten about.

Thanks and hope I explained enough information.

Not sure if the plug-in or the theme exists but I could modify the theme ( any theme ) for a fixed price.
Let me know if you’re interested in

Hi Thanks for the offer, I did find one. I looked in WP in theme and here and found nothing I thought would work. Unless free to try to see if it really works. But I looked under plugins and problem solved. Found a plugin that works that I needed. THANKS!