WordPress Theme with Dynamic pricing real time

Hello dear friends,

I am looking for theam like http://azexo.com/kupon but i wont just one more thing.

The price for the seling service shod be dynamic pricing real time.

  1. Example:

If I have service (It’s about excursions) Which I sell for 50 € for one person.
So if one person buy this excursions prices will be 50€ but if Someone else buys that same trip prices shud decrease.

  1. Exemple: Montenegro Day Trip to Kotor & Budva - Starting date 15.06.2017 for one person 50€.
    Now another man buys the same trip for that same date prices shud decrease for both travelers and now will be the price of 48 € per person. Although they are separate buyers.

I hope I have explained what interests me.
Best Regards

It requires a custom work. If you’re interested in, drop me an email to discuss the details:


That is a bit easy to do it.
What you have to do, is to count the sales and then based on the sales, to decrease a specific price
There is no need for custom work, you can go through it with a simple plugin!

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you

Thank you for your answers

But what simple plugin I could use for this.

Best Regards