Wordpress Theme wanted!

I am looking for a Wordpress theme with WooCommerce that could be easily customized to look like this layout http://cl.ly/image/460M2D353U2f - have a boxed layout, have a form on the top, etc. Thanks!

Check out for WooCommerce themes. Almost any themes can be customized to look like that.

Checkout my portfolio. One of my one page worpress theme is very similar to what you want.

I haven’t seen many what have a form on the top

Which one would that be? Thanks

We are not allowed to self promote on forum. You can check my portfolio and see if something is similar. I have looked at the reference link you shared and i felt one of my recent one page wordpress theme can fullfill you requirement in terms of similar layout.

I haven’t seen many form on the upper side

One of my theme has the form in top

Also this is a simple customization that you can do in many themes available on envato.