Wordpress theme tutorials

I want to learn how to create a Wordpress theme and then upload on Themeforest.
Can you suggest some courses?
Or is it an easier way to create a Wordpress theme? like Template Toaster?

There are many tutorials out there - just Google it.

You can use frameworks like Unyson, Underscores etc. but not something like Template Toaster that requires a paid license and is not as much ‘authentic coding’

Bear in mind:

  1. creating a theme (visually using a page builder) and creating a theme that allows for all of the technical requirements to sell on a marketplace like this is two very different things

  2. there is a lot more to it than just creating a theme. You will need to know how to bug fix, update etc. going forward so the more involved and invested you are in the raw features functionality and structure of the theme, the better

  3. this is a premium marketplace for experienced authors. If you are starting out then you need to be realistic about how long it will take to learn how to develop themes properly and to the expected standards.

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