Wordpress theme to list and Compare Universities/Majors

Hello, I’m trying to launch a web page which lists 5K department and universities in several countries. I’m trying to find a web page template for that and then need a freelancer to set up the theme.

Actually I couldn’t find any theme to compare majors/universities/schools. That’s why I was focusing the multivendor e-commerce (woocommerce) themes. So products would be majors/departments, categories would be universties, sellers/vendors would be universities… And also this web page will have blog part

Personas will be students, universities, authors, editors,admins.

Actually I’m looking for e-commerce themes because I couldn’t find any spesific theme for university/major comparison. If you have any advice please help me and if you are freelancer who can set up the theme tell me your plans we can work together.

Thanks in advance


For such amount of data you will need to have strong web server, If you put that on shared server it will be very slow. Do you have data for all 5000 universities ?

Hello Zacc,

Thanks for feedback. Actually it is 200 Universities. But each university has average 25 department. So there will be 5K-6K pages. Do you have any advice for templates?

You will save yourself all sorts of stress and technical trouble to purpose build a solution.

Relying in a stock solution will inevitably be more bloated than you want or need, and with such a big data dart involved - requiring a third party to maintain the core theme functionality and updates is an invitation for problems.

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for your important feedback. I’ll use this template as MVP solution. If I’ll get high traffic I’ll consider to build unique web page. But now I’m looking for the best templates to fit my purpose. Do you have any advice for themes?

Thanks in advance

You won’t find exactly that type of site (too niche for stock marketplaces) so you need to work out how you want to handle the core functions and comparisons.

Once you have that then it will be easier to find a theme as it will need to be compatible with your solution