Wordpress theme support revolution

This may sound crazy but I want to get as many people involved to try and do something about Wordpress theme support.

Big themes like BeTheme, Uncode, Bridge etc. are selling millions of copies and not having a call-in support center is simply not right. There are many issues with these themes and tickets take too long to go back and forth with an issue. I want to put a stop to this. If you agree please join this topic and get involved.

(Speaking as a power buyer) -

  1. buyers pay less than $100 for something that would cost tens of thousands of built through an agency so getting any support esp. for free is v generous

  2. as you said they sell lots (it’s hardly “millions”) - lets assume they get call-in - if 10% of buyers call in, its not going to be very quick.

I can only talk as an author and I want to point out that I have not sold that much but from my experience many people are requesting support and have not even read the documentation or have just questions about WordPress in general, this is very time-consuming.
A call-in would make this even worse.