WordPress Theme Submission Requirements

Hello, im looking for all official informations about wordPress theme submission requirements.

Only thing that i found is https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822450-WordPress-Theme-Submission-Requirements. Is there any place that have complete list of all requirements?

Not sure, but here are some resources referenced to me:

  1. Monster widgets plugin to test default widgets
  2. XML file with Unit Test from WordPress
  3. Theme Checker plugin
  4. Prefix everything, I mean everything
  5. Proper data validation
  6. TGM plugin for third-party plugins
  7. In-depth documentation
  8. Responsiveness - thorough check of mobile and tablet view (I recommend Browserstack).
  9. Licensing - cover your rear buy extended licensing for all purchased libraries and plugins
  10. Patience - the process can be longer than expected being a newbie.

If you can get passed those 10 you should have a great chance at being approved.


There’s actually no specific details and some specific details that you couldn’t find anywhere.

Sometimes they ask me to replace the screen-shot file inside of the theme because of the Russian text ( my company name is in Russian ), sometimes they just don’t and accept right away.

Yea and thats the problem reviewers do whatever they like. Lack of official detailed submissions requirements list is not acceptable.

Very good, thorough, and positive response. Thank you for that.

This plugin will help you to fix some validation issues.

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Thats interesting thanks!

You have maybe some resource that explain whats exactly plugin territory?

Theme check plugin will let you know which is plugin territory :wink: