wordpress theme [Soft Rejected] pls help me what about change

  1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated or bland themes will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with your submission and creating a review delays. This applies to conversions as well!

Major improvements are required!

Here are some resources for you:

my wordpress demo link



We also getting same soft reject issue.

Please help anyone how to resolve this.



you can help me my problem


We also facing same issue.

If you can any help or find any suggestion then please help us.


my issue not resolve what problem not understand

One sentence says it all : “major improvements required”. They probably mean that you are crowding the review queue by submitting a template that has not all requirements.

Iam very new to TF and I personally think that the review process could really be improved. Reviewer comments don’t give enough info sometimes. But I guess we have to deal with it.

you can help my problem theme issue above review what about problem template

Sorry to hear this,We also have the same msg.

Best regards

same here. for no reason…