WordPress Theme Rejection


As per reviewer last feedback I have done the design improvements significantly as suggested but still got theme rejection. Any idea or feedback someone can share can be highly appreciated.

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Getting an approval on HTML template doesn’t guarantee that you’d get the approval on WordPress as WordPress standards are higher now and the quality of the design is not there yet. It’s outdated/generic design. ( not sure about the coding )

The design of different sections of a WordPress theme is updated as per evolving design trends and is not same as of HTML template. When you say generic design, it is difficult to understand what does this mean. The coding standards are implemented as per Envato guidelines so I believe no problem should be there.

Haven’t checked the HTML template but “updated” version doesn’t seem to be good enough and it’s still generic/outdated. You may had a chance in 2018-19 but nowadays, the design is not good enough. as well as as in design approach, there’s nothing new your theme is offering.

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The design of the loading does not match the rest, in fact, the design lacks more uniformity. Here when I open the Youtube video I can’t close it: About Us - Prime Cab

I can fix these minor issues but that won’t change the reviewer decision. Although already sold to few customers they are happily using it. Will come up with something new. thanks