Wordpress Theme rejected. Need review friends



Hi friends, I’m new to TF. I have developed wordpress theme. But it got rejected twice times. I still can’t understand why it was rejected. Please help me to improve it. Click below link to see


For starters if you are going to be an exclusive author then you are not allowed to sell the theme elsewhere - that’s a guaranteed rejection ahead of anything.

Beyond that with respect it is nowhere near the standard for here.

There are fundamental issues with spacing typography etc.

There needs to be way more too it in terms of pages, features etc. (feels a bit freemium)

Header/footer need work

Logo could be improved


The first problem is typography .
Logo is horrible, it need urgent changes.
Also the design is very common. Watch the top products Envato, and come up with something new.
More attention to details. Details make the difference.
Good Luck !