Wordpress Theme Recommendation Needed. You Will Be Rewarded. :)

Hello there wonderful souls! :slight_smile:

Can you help me find the most suitable Wordpress theme for my needs? I need a template that is similar to these websites: https://vaynermedia.com/ https://brotherfilmco.com/ it is for a company whose main service is making videos, but they are also not strangers to web development, design and marketing.

I have been looking all over themeforest, but so far have not found anything similar. If you have some themes in mind, please link them over, and the one who provide best theme will receive beer/coffee money to her/his PayPal.

Thank you so much, my fellow humans!

Here is very similar themes I saw: https://themeforest.net/user/clapat/portfolio

Thank you. Somewhat similar, but I want to see more.

Is very simple to make both with any theme and free page builder and little css.

Good luck

Maybe you can use some of these:

  1. Noizzy
  2. Mixtape
  3. Shuffle

Thank you everyone. I have decided just to use one of the bestselling WP themes that offer plenty of customizations and options. Should be fine.

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