Wordpress theme question widget sidebar question.

I am venturing into building wordpress themes. I am a bit confused about the widget sidebar. I don’!t want to include a sidebar for widgets in my theme, is this allowed or it has to have a place for widgets?

  • Themes must display posts, pages, archive pages, home page, blog page, search, etc., and must support all of the following features:

  • Comments

  • Sidebars

  • Editor style

  • Title tag

I always include the place for widgets, but I am not always using/showing in demo.

I am talking feom an approval point of view it is obligatory because I’ve seen a few themes without a sidebar.

Yes, understand. I have updated my previous post and looks for me like there must be Sidebars (again, maybe I am wrong).

There is no themes in the market without sidebar, However you can build theme without sidebar but you must have at least one widget area ( in footer for example )

Thank you.