wordpress theme quality and authors hiding comments

two items for discussion

wordpres theme quality
-how are wordpress theme checked?
-purchased and found over 20 issues

author hiding comments
-why do authors do that?
-once hidden can’t be undone?

hoping to understand better about community

This depends a lot on what theme you are referring to - there will inevitably lower quality or outdated ones, but it wouldn’t be right to generalise.

  • themes are reviewed by envato. It’s possible some things may slip through but generally it’s a solid process.

  • authors cannot hide comments. They can flag them temporarily but envato will I lock them if they are not breaching policy

  • if you bought it via themeforest and not via elements then you have 6 months support

Without knowing the items or what errors you are referring to, then it’s impossible to advise but your first point of contact should be the author themselves

Apologies if generalise

usually not that many issues found when purchase but frustrating finding 20+ after purchase.

yes some issues being fixed - work together benefit all

issue become bigger when author hide/change status of messages especially about issues and complaints - feel this is abuse and not fair to potential customers

have seen several like this in comment section of author
This comment is currently being reviewed.

trying to learn about community

That just means that comment was flagged and will be reviewed by staff. If it doesn’t contain any content breaking the Envato rules, it will eventually be shown again. If you think that you are being somehow censored by the author, you should get in touch with Envato Support.

From my own experience, I usually flag comments when they contain some private data like login credentials. Some people are just unaware that they are posting into a public forum.

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yes understand if private info shared but not exist

i checked and comments have been deleted

first time having this problem on envato market so not understand community rules

Without seeing the item and knowing what the comments were exactly it’s hard to judge but as @LSVRthemes said if they were removed then this was down to envato and their decision not the author

here is comment deleted by either author or envato

This is not support request. want client know status because reported over 20 issues. excited to use new version to move forward. can you let all know when next version release?

feel reasonable comment

Comment seems pretty reasonable, however nobody here on this forum will be able to help. Your best bet is to get in touch with Envato Support.

thank you sharing feedback. will keep eye and inform support if continues