Wordpress Theme or Plugin Overlay Links/Pages

I am looking for suggestions for a wordpress theme or plugin that can make everything an overlay.

Pretty much I have a one-page site and things like blog posts, or my events (via events manager pro) I would like to STAY on the same one page. I would like people to be able to click the link and all of the page content load as an overlay.

The closest thing I’ve seen so far is the “NOAH - A Witty Photography WordPress Theme” on the “contact” link in the navigation, but $225 isnt in my budget to just test out a theme and then be refunded only themeforest credits.

Anyone know of any plugins or themes that can do this? I would like it to not just be able to do it via the menu/navigation, but all post/page links on the page.


When you have write 225$ I cant believe it. But really is that price. I cant believe it where that prices are going. Before 7 years 99% templates was 35$. Now is template 225$???!!! They can put and 1000$ but I don’t know who will buy that templates.

And developers and Themeforest are became too greedy.

Yes, super expensive!