WordPress Theme - Need suggestions for improvement

ThemeForest message for my theme:

"Soft Rejected
Sorry to say, but theme is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category.
Design needs lots of improvements and because of that I am unable to provide any specific details.
Please improve your theme and feel free to resubmit once ready. "

Please help me where should I start?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Theme Demo : Simple Plus theme - Demo


It’s difficult to say what needs an improvement. Entire theme gives an impression of being simple, clean and aesthetically-pleasing. Typography is really well-thought, spacing is great…

It’s me being very picky:

  1. http://simple-plus.plus-themes.com/quick-fish-dinners-in-15-minutes/#comment-2 - the “reply” text is vertically misaligned. Screenshot below.


  1. For some reason it feels weird that search box has text aligned to the center (when you focus in the field the caret appears in the middle).

  2. Just an idea: i know you have the slider at the top on the home page, but maybe try making the very top post in a category (which I assume is the latest one) full width, so it stands out. Fairly common practice and it wouldn’t take away any of the simplicity from your theme.

I am sure you have researched already, but maybe try poking around with other published blog themes and look for a feature inspiration which might make your theme richer and approved.

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Thanks you very much.
Your feedback is a great encouragement to me and your points will be applied.
I’ll try to re-design slider part and fix “reply” button.
I wish you success.

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Any help would be appreciated :smile: