Wordpress: Theme MOD Needed!

Hi guys, sorry for my bad English .-)

i´m owner of THERAPY theme ( http://goo.gl/UzRH9X ) and I want this theme with a customized header section.

What the header should look like and how it should behave, you can see here:
(I know that its a little bit uggly - but I ike this “Old Fashion Style” .-)

If not so expensive - i would like to meet someone here who is able to do the needed modifications. Best would be if he talks in German language and has a PayPal account for the money transaction.

Best regards - John

Contact the author and see if they could do it for you http://themeforest.net/user/axiomthemes or look on www.studio.envato.com

Their ticket system is down for 24 hours. So i´m searching here.

Hey! Contact me, i will help you: abdullah.media [@] gmail.com