Wordpress theme is wanting Item Purchase Code not found

CrypTop - ICO Landing and CryptoCurrency WordPress is wanting a Item Purchase Code, I didn’t get that in the downlaod.

Assuming you got the item from themeforest then https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-

If it was via envato elements then there should not be a p/code block and the theme will most likely work fine just not be able to activate auto updates etc

I am unable to download the demo content for this theme “CrypTop - ICO Landing and CryptoCurrency WordPress” without a Purchase Code entered into the Maintenance & Help section of the Theme Options. When I run the CWS Demo Importer for the demo content as directed by the theme’s documentation instructions I get the error: ERROR WRONG PURCHASE CODE

I subscribe to Envato Elements and got the theme from that location if it makes a difference. The download does not show up on my themeforest downloads but it does show up on my EnvatoElements downloads. There is no purchase code shown on the envatoelements location, only the Item License Code which does not work for the Purchase Code.


Hello - you can leave a message in the author’s item comment section using this link Discussion on CrypTop - ICO Landing and CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme and ask them about this issue. It might be something they can help you with.

There is no area to leave a comment for the author in the Envato Elements site that I can see

@123Simples will mean by finding the item page on themeforest.

Check if there is an xml file in the download file to import content that way. When you ask in item comments on themeforest they may be able to send you an xml file there too.

If not then it may be that demo import or templates are treated as a premium feature and not included with elements downloads - same way that updates etc and other features requiring a purchase code are separate.

The theme will still work as required even if demo content is not included.

That was the first thing I looked for was the .XML file but there is no such file in the download unfortunately


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