WordPress Theme Hard Rejected. Please Help Me!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing great in this ongoing Covid pandemic

My Theme :- https://gadgetsarmy.com/demo/

received a hard reject.

It took me months to create this theme and they rejected this theme in 2-3 hour. Really disappointed in myself.

Would you, please, tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

With respect, this is miles off the standard for here and if it took you months to develop then perhaps this is not the right place for you to be trying to sell items

  • There is no premium features or functionality - there are many many free themes out there that offer similar styles

  • The typography, hierarchy, etc, all need a lot of work

  • You need many more styles, pages, layouts, post types, widgets, category layouts

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I did not add extra features and functionalities because I wanted to keep it clean and minimal.

My ultimate goal was to develop minimal blog theme for bloggers

Here are example:-

I thought such themes get approved but I guess I was wrong

Anyway thank you for your feedback Charlie! Appreciate it

That example is close to 6 years out of date - the marketplace has moved on.

There’s no need to be over crowed, bloated or anything more than minimal, as long as the options and potential is there

As you said, there is no place for minimal themes now, So I guess it would be stupid idea to improve this design.

Maybe I should try this item on (removed) If it didn’t get approval from there too, I will make it available for free

If you are willing to invest in developing things to add alternatives (even if it remains a minimal look) e.g. multiple different post layouts - then a buyer wouldn’t use all of them but that gives them the choice which = premium value.

FYI this would never be approved on that other marketplace either