WordPress theme hard reject. I need your help.

Hello Everyone.
I have submitted a new item and got hard rejected.
Can you help me check it and give us some advice?

The feedback from Envato.

Where to start?

  • An overall design quality

  • Visual hierarchy and aesthetics

  • Typography

  • Forms and buttons

  • More attention to details

  • Better design consistency

  • An overall spacing

  • Color contrast and schemes

Here are some resources for you:

Looks good to me, don’t understand Envato this days… makes no sense.

Thanks. I am optimizing the space to better, and improve the color contrast. What do you think about the overall design, typography, form, and button?

overall alignment missing like button text and check

Good Design But not Great, still room for significant improvement

+This section looks unfinished needs better design

+unnecessary white space gives off inconsistency since it’s not aligned well with the button.

+This whole Section seems like you just dropped off a load of text without any proper styling, it isn’t organized well, there is no visual hierarchy established, and text alignment is all broken

+This section is broken on mobile view


This is just a quick scan of the website, take your time and Look closely you will spot more errors


Great. Thank you for the checked. I will check and improve our theme.