Wordpress Theme hard reject, HTML template approved

Hello Dear community,

We got email from the theme forest that the item is hard rejected but there was no any specification that what is wrong with the item so that i can change and upload it again.

Also there is nothing in the hidden item.

We have HTML Approved template already.

Here is the item link : Preview

Please help

Thank you in advance…

There’s a bunch of avoidable validation issues

Original release was 5 years ago

Proven sales in other categories are fairly low

Pretty sure you need to have a working blog on any new theme as part of submission

Thank you, what would be the solution of this?

Give the hard rejection you need to make significant changes.

  • solve the validation issues

  • add a blog and different post template layouts

  • find new features and functionaity to add to the main design. I actually think it is not too bad but there’s definitely room for development such as:
    . landing pagesfor different events/items on the schedule
    . different colours or light/dark
    . social post feeds
    . registration/sign up (beyond tickets)
    . differnet header styles
    . calanedar layout for events
    . wishlist/reminder function for people to store events they want to go to

Thanks i will update all this with my iteam.

But i can upload the item again correct with all this changes?

As long as you make significant change you should be able to but be careful that you don’t just tweak and resubmit

Got it, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: