Wordpress theme for tutorials + youtube video functions

Hello friends!

Im looking for a theme that have many functions, i have looked but there is always something missing :frowning:

  1. it should have very good article functions, writing guides and rating the guides is a must functions
  2. Youtube support to be able to add specific youtube channels, also youtube live broadcast.
  3. Member registration and be able to post guides, add videos and channels etc.


I am not sure if you can find all this features in one theme but I have a solution for you, Check my profile you will find the following:

1 - Gluber theme it comes with playlist pagebuilder widget that support youtube with auto generated thumbnails ( Price 14$ )
2 - BS input it’s a plugin to allow login and registration with many customization settings. ( Price 16$ )
3 - BsReviews plugin for creating rating reviews with the option to allow rating for users and comments. ( Price 15$ )

The total value for the above will be 14 + 16 + 15 = 45$ plus you need plugin for front end publishing which might cost around 15$ so the total value will be 60$ which is very close to the average themes price.

Check out my profile from here https://themeforest.net/user/besquares

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Thanks, i will check it out

more suggestions please :slight_smile: