Wordpress Theme For Music Composers/Sound Designers?


I’m looking for a WordPress theme that is designed EXACTLY like the homepage setup on www.8dio.com. It goes perfectly with my business model. Does anyone know if there is a theme like this available on themeforest? If not is there a way to request a developer (only on themeforest) to create a theme like this?


You won’t find something that looks EXACTLY like any website out there, because it would be a clone and it would be taken down for copying someone else’s design.

However, for something similar you can take a look at my “Sura” theme


Theme looks nice but it’s more catered to a singer/rapper who wants to sell singles and albums. My products are more like the ones sold on 8dio or www.industrykits.com/ . So the setup of the Sura theme wouldn’t work for my business model…But, thanks anyways!