Wordpress Theme Feedback - SurrealEstate



Hi there,

I have decided to make a Wordpress Theme for Realestate, I’ve currently submitted my Theme and it is pending review (18 days so far). Is it normal to take this amount of time?

I have made quite a lot of changes since I originally submitted it and plan to continue improving the theme and creating different page templates.

Here it is so far:-


If you could give me some feedback on this that would be much appreciated.

One other thing I was uncertain of is that I am using ACF quite a lot, do I need to add the necessary tables on activating my theme in the functions.php file?

Also, looking at some of the other themes on the marketplace, they have options to select the primary colour of the theme, which I can do with ACF but I can only see the option to include these with inline styles which I don’t want to do. I am using LESS and have a colours.less file which changes the colours throughout the entire site, what is the best way to switch between these LESS files? (they are currently getting imported in my styles.css)

Thanks in advance.


To be honestly - I think it will get hard rejection (i don’t want to discourage you keeping doing best and you will be accepted here.)
Issues :
out dated design.
header needs lot of work.
some of your elements looks good :slight_smile:


Where is the x-scroll?

The typography wouldn’t be difficult to change, I purposely went with something different to the same fonts used across a lot of themes here.

Also, just wondering why you think the design is outdated - and what problems you think there is with the header?

Do you think I should redesign the site then?


have checked the latest approved themes?


Okay thanks, sorting this and changing fonts and making amendments to the design. Is there anything else you feel can be improved on?


Have a look at this

Check all the pages with validator.w3.org before submitting.


Will action this tonight, am I best to wait to get the theme rejected or delete it and resubmit?


Best option is to get soft rejected (not hard rejected) and then keep resubmitting till the reviewer approves it. Make sure your design and coding is good enough to survive the first review. Once you do that, with the help of reviewer you will make it till the end.


That’s great thanks, when they review the site would they be looking at the files I originally sent or the link I sent across which has the most up to date version?

I’ve updated the theme again:-

  • Header had been updated
  • There is now no x-scroll
  • Some of the typography has been updated
  • It now validates with W3C

Could you guys please have a look at the theme again and let me know where I can improve it?

The link is still: http://silvathemes.co.uk/surrealestate/


Any feedback? Trying my best to get my first theme at least soft rejected so any feedback would be highly appreciated. It’s still under review after 26 days as well, is this normal?