Wordpress Theme Complaint


Is there a channel where I can make a report of an author who has not supported a customer?
We bought an wordpress template (Eventchamp) 2 months ago. After speding some money customizing the template, our website broken down before we release it. It happened just after a wordpress upgrade.

The Eventchamp team confirmed that it was a problem with the theme and they were working on an update.
A new version was released and nothing changed for us. We still have the same problem.

We have tried to contact them by their own support channel but after 2 months they started ignoring us.

We don’t want the money back. We like the theme and we already spent a good money customizing that. We cannot just trown in the trash.

We must have a team on Themeforest to intermidiate this conversation. That’s no far.

Thank you!

Hello @carlosedlemos

Of course. Please contact Envato Market Help and Support. They will be happy to assist.

If you’re looking for paid support. I would be happy to help you on the project. You can contact me me anytime you want