WordPress theme build from previously approved HTML template hard rejected!

Need some help to find out why my WordPress theme was hard rejected.

I made this portfolio WordPress theme out of this previously approved HTML template which has a pretty good sales, It got hard rejected without clear reason why? they sent me some design links and comment from reviewer as follows:

  1. Any incomplete theme will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with an incomplete submission and creating a review delays:

Link to demo: http://demo.mycolorpencils.com/revolt/

Any help will be very appreciated as i don’t want to post my new theme without knowing the exact reason why this one was rejected :frowning:

My friend, you have a lot of work in front of you (just to complete the theme demo, I am not talking about the design). But before all of this, your theme should pass:


and here are just few images:


thanks a lot for your reply but i’m extremely sorry i posted the wrong link to demo.

It’s http://demo.mycolorpencils.com/revolt/

And which link you have pasted when you have submitted the theme?

The second link looks ok for me, probably you have sent them a wrong link/version.