WordPress theme based on approved design is hard rejected


On psd when i upload i request kindly if is not ready for wp to reject it. Because i made psd only to convert them to joomla and WordPress.


And does it work?




Ah good. Is like the right hand does not know what the left hand does. And there is no head to check them.


you know developing WordPress themes in this competitive market is so costly so having at least one step approved (design) is important. This is what we did for this template. But they rejected the design on WordPress version which is weird.


I asked support to give us official answer on this thread but as you can see still nothing.


Hello how are you!

Unfortunately it can not be approved because it has many design errors:

The errors are in the typography, hierarchy, alignment, space, color and contrast. to correct this, a 100% restructuring is needed

Good luck with intense work



It would be mess for them if they approved design based on the approval on different category that’s one of the reasons why I think we all should create directly WordPress theme or HTML template without risking of wasting time on PSD unless you think your PSD template will really make good sales, It’s also costly if they provided deeper detail if you believe in your work I think you should keep working on it maybe start with the soft rejected message.


Can you show us those errors?


I was risking creating WP directly for one year, I got 10 + soft rejections, that is why I found a designer with approved design to help me with it, unfortunately it doesn’t help.


And I just got official answer that they won’t answer to this thread because “they don’t have enough resources for that”, but that they are aware of this problem.



I just sent you those points, but the solution is to restructure everything, do not try to fix it and if you’re not a designer you have to hire one.

If you are not able to see the mistakes you mention, you will not be able to solve it for yourself.

I encourage you to keep working and with perseverance you will get good results



Envato has a review team who point to all design issues strictly before getting a design approved. When a design gets approved after some soft rejections, it mean that it passed the standards and are good enough to be published.

Check out the design:


Problem with their review team is that they all do not work from the same office. They all work remotely and so the coordination is missing which can been seen in the inconsistent reviews. Also, they assign different reviewers to your items each time you re-upload for review.

In initial days, even with such an inconsistent review process, it was not painful for authors since PSD/HTML design approval use to almost guarantee WordPress approval. Now-a-days, it is completely based on the subjectivity of these reviewers.


you uploaded just One page, there are no subpages. About WordPress version. Compare your design and WP version. Do you see differences? Have you checked responsive mode? Your design is not bad, but concept is very similar like Balkon or inForward theme


I don’t see difference, except in images used. Is that important?


totally agree


We’re not talking about soft rejection for minor issues which can be resolved. We’re talking about hard rejection because of the design. A design even if you call it similar that has been approved.



Mate, you created only one page, not all pages. With respect, but WP version is not completed.