WordPress theme based on approved design is hard rejected

This is my theme


this is approved design, approved one month ago


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I’m the designer. This hard-rejection is really weird. We do invest in time/money to get a design approved to not worry much about the whole design thing. So the WordPress version can be built on top of that.

But the reviewer said, the whole design does not meet the standards and refers to many issues on design. The design which has been approved a month ago. Confusing.



Approved PSD/HTML/Sketch is not guaranteed to get approved in the WordPress category.
The WordPress category is overcrowded and your item really needs to stand out to get approved.

It’s just excuse for reviewers to approve designs on their subjective criteria.

Are you aware how much time is needed to implement design in WordPress? Approved psd category should absolutely be guarantee for WP acceptance, that is how it used to be.

Why they are accepting psd or sketch that is not good enough? Those categories don’t sell by itself and it is known authors are doing items for them only to get future WP theme approved.

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If someone has comment about this design and how good or bad it is I would like to read, thanks.

It’s fair if they reject the item based on WordPress standards not design quality. If a design is not great enough to be approved in themeforest, they should tell it in the first step when you try uploading the design itself.

We do upload designs to reduce the risk of design rejection for CMS themes.


The review process is still broken imho. Technically, they should not approve the PSD design in the first place if they are going to further reject it for HTML and WordPress.

Review process is completely unaligned and emotionless. Hate it to the core.


Is there anyone else who had the same situation with WordPress theme review?

Review process is inconsistent.

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I have faced this recently. HTML was approved. We made its WordPress version and then reviewer slams with soft rejection and asks to fix subjective design issues. Very frustrating and inconsistent.

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Sorry to say, but work is really not complete for WordPress category.

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That is not the point of discussion here. Point is if they think any design is not fit for WordPress, they shouldn’t approve it for PSD or HTML in the first place.


From what I’ve seen lately the review theme is getting very very strict when approving themes, I guess when you design was approved they were more flexible.

Your design looks good but to be honest I’ve seen too many themes similar with yours you can’t tell the difference anymore nothing special or original, it’s well done but is not enough anymore.

This is what I think I might be wrong :slight_smile:

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I agree with you

But they first soft reject it with notes regarding design issues like spacing etc, so we improved it and even more than they asked for but then they hard rejected it with message that it completely lack basic design standards like typography spacing etc, that makes no sense and is missleading completely.

Goal of this thread should be to bring back consistency in approving psd designs then WP themes based on it. I would like more authors to support this idea.

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Like I said, this is what I believe but I might be wrong as well.

Maybe some others experieced users can help.

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The same here. Is strange to reject something that you have pass on design.

Will be much better if psd approved will pass design quality on cms. Is normal to be rejected on code if your code is wrong… But if design is approved…

Is just my opinion and maybe Envato will take this as info for future.



I guess they have two persons reviewing the design and WordPress category and seems there’s a conflict here. One design reviewer says, this design meets our standards and approve it. A month later, in WordPress category, another reviewer says, the design quality does not meet our standards. Is it right?