Wordpress template


I have been looking around for a template where you can showcase different products, not a store so no shopify or similar.

Basically something that has functions like this page:

Where you can click a product and get another page with info.

Do anyone have any suggestions for such a template ?

Thank you very much!

You can choose any template with woocommerce and setup it with some customization to disable the add to cart button, so you website will work like your wish.

Thank you for your quick response! :slight_smile:

Is it easy, for someone with just basic wordpress skills, to customize or does it require lots of code ?

I see the site you provide is a affiliate website. You can make this by any portfolio theme if you have knowledge how to customize WP themes or search for affiliate themes. Or if you like make one only for you then you can contact us at skype: nasir-2525

I think it will need some coding in theme file with wordpress codex, if you have experience and familiar with PHP, you can do it easy.