Wordpress template where for creating survey questionnaire

Hi, I am looking for a wordpress template where you can create a survey questionnaire.

It doesn’t work as a google form.
It collects the answers as follows: 1000 students answered yes.
This makes no sense to us.

For the survey we need to collect as follows:
Student X answered the questions as follows.
Student Y follows this way. and draw the conclusion of the whole survey accordingly.

This must include:

unlimited number of questions

unlimited number of answers

the opportunity to go back to the question and change the answer

Skip the question if I don’t know the answer

Ability to save answers while answering questions

Possibility to insert graphics or texts between answers / chapters where information will be needed

Creating an evaluation

Admin panel

A clear panel where it will be easy to find out who and from which group filled in the questionnaire

Creating an evaluation

You are much better off looking on CodeCanyon at survey/quiz plugins (if not at dedicated platforms for this) and then you can embed something into a much wider choice of themes