Wordpress Template similar to Masterclass.com?

Hey everyone!

any one knows a wordpress template that looks similar to the Masterclass.com website?

If any one knows something, that is really appreciated :slight_smile: thanks!!


You wonโ€™t find this out of the box but could create something similar without too much difficulty (actual class pages may need some work depending on the theme choice) using most of the multi-purpose themes.

Obviously, there would need to be a bit of styling work to get it looking as required, but the features and functionality are not complicated

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Thank you, any reccomendation for a multi purpose theme?

Given that you will need to style whichever you use - personally, I am a huge fan of Stack although the site you linked reminds me in paces of Enfold. Any of the big ones like Avada, Salient, Jupiter, Be etc. may also be worth a look if these two donโ€™t appeal

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While that site definitely looks like Enfold from the class pages - Stack would help you create the page of experts and probably the home page easily with the project/portfolio shortcodes esp those with info captions. http://stack.tommusdemos.wpengine.com/portfolios/titles-inside-two-columns/

Although Stack seems to have rich features, Enfold looks more aesthetic which is what I am aiming for, especially this page: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold-one-page-portfolio/

However I am unsure if this page actually supports multiple pages haha, but thanks alot for your help Charlie!

In fact I think it even has the same font and all :slight_smile: