Wordpress template for medical equipment

Hello everyone, I am French and I do research via Google Translate, I may not have found the right keywords …
I am looking for a template that presents (so not necessarily to sell) medical articles for the elderly, sick or disabled.
For example, medical beds, wheelchairs, stools to sit in a bathtub etc …
Would you have any leads to help me please?
I thank you in advance.

You want some kind of blog or newspaper portal?

Hello Zaccc, thank you for replying, I’m looking for a template corporate, which presents the company and products

In that case you can use any template which is support Woocommerce.
I don’t know how will you sell and everything else. But my advice is if you don’t have experience hire someone who will make for you.
That will save your time and money.

Thanks again, I have experience on Wordpress, I produce many sites with this CMS. The objective of my question was to find a model that could already have a look in connection with the activity of my client.
Of course I can take any other template and customize it as it is for everything …
If my client was a restaurant it seems simpler to take a template that has a restaurant look than to go on a template for lawyers and customize it. Do you understand ?

I have not been able to find on ThemeForest a template that sticks to the activity of my client.