WordPress submission rejection help.

I have created customisation abilities and visual composer custom components, however it was rejected for not meeting the “quality standard required”

I worked a long time for this and was hoping if anyone can help me better understand what parts are lacking and what sort of standards are missing.

Kind Regards

Hi there:

Your design is basic but bad colors, need spacing more 80px top and bottom, difficult read you need code html for example “p” need font-size: 15 or 16px, line-height. 26 or 28px and color: #515151 and few texts but no much texts, logos need permission copyright but you can download logos for example themeforest, graphicriver, etc approved themeforest, too big icon all sections and pages, screenshots:

You first need make category PSD of themeforest, submit it and if approved psd you can make next category, html, wordpress, etc as professional but not basic.

Good Luck.


That’s heaps of help, I appreciate the time taken to reply and go through the process ans overview.

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