Wordpress Sliding Page Content


I want to have a plugin that allows you to enter content on each page/post and then that content act like ajax/jquery tab that you can open and close.

This theme has a PERFECT example:


How would you control where that content appears? It’s easy when you are integrating it in a theme, because you know the theme you are building, but how to adapt plugin to thousands of themes?

You cold have just a content box per page, and it works like your typical sliding tab plugin but instead of a widget it uses the info from within custom text area on the page/post editor.

Interesting idea, I like it.

Feel free to follow me, I’ll develop it and publish by the end of the next week.

no problem I’d do it my self but have been swamped…do I get a commission :nerdy:
ps: it should be responsive if possible so it works with responsive themes.

I’ll make sure it looks good on mobile’s too :slight_smile:

Awesome, do you have skype by chance I have some other great plugin ideas I might need a hand with.

Hey, I do but I don’t have the time to engage in more projects right now, as I am working on a theme submission for TF with one more author.

Any update on this?

Hey, sorry for the delay!

Just to let you know that I have finished the plugin. I have another one already submitted, and since you can’t have more than one plugin on the homepage, after that one goes away I’ll submit this one :slight_smile:


Just to let you know that the plugin has been approoved for sale :slight_smile:

Great thanks!