WordPress Sale Page -> Randomly selected? We don't think so.

I guess everyone knows about the New Discounted WP Themes page.

As I understand, the items are Randomly selected (as per the official post WordPress Sale Page Experiment by @jamesgiroux )

But what does not make any sense, why from a total of 26x items from that landing pages:

  • 9x comes from one particular(same) author;
  • 4x comes from another particular(same) author;

So, 50% of the items from that page comes from 2x authors? Is this a random thing?!

Looking forward to an official position. @BenLeong

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Hi @modeltheme. My understanding is that it’s a random selection from items that meet the criteria, but I can check with the team that runs that project to find out exactly what their selection process is. It’s currently Friday night here in Melbourne, so I won’t be able to speak with that team until Monday next week - I’ll get back to you when I have more information.


Thank you for the reply. I’m just curious, because one of our items was already discounted one day ago (and I’m sure it meets the criteria): No. of sales, ratings, discount % etc… and so far it wasn’t added there.

But in my opinion the selection is clearly a nonsense. 9x items out of 26 from the same author?! This is a joke.

I think you guys should add a max number of itemers from 1 particular author (for example 2-3 max).

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If Envato make two inputs:

  • Regular price
  • Sale price
    You guys could randomly select themes from whole market without any staff

2x days passed. Same items on that page.

Something smells nasty on there :slight_smile: That’s more like a new way to promote some items only :expressionless:

UPDATE: All the 9x items from the same user are not discounted anymore when you check on ThemeForest. They are trolling the discounting system :smiling_imp:

All of them are $59 on TF. On that landing page all their prices are $44.


UPDATE: 3x days passed. Same items on that page. :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


So, it is not random, Confirmed!

Hi @modeltheme! I’ve just spoken to the team managing the WP sales page. They confirmed a few details, but also stressed that the page is still in active testing and only displayed on the site navigation for a subset of ThemeForest visitors.

Content on the WordPress Sale page is regularly added to, with some items added to and/or removed from the list. The selection process is still random from items that meet the “promotional pricing” criteria outlined here. It’s important to note that simply listing at a promotional price does not guarantee inclusion on the sales page: eligible items go into a pool that is used to select what is shown.

I did a few spot checks and couldn’t find items that were still listed as “on sale” with regular item pricing - I assume the ones you mention were removed before I looked. If an item on the Sales page returns to normal pricing, it should automatically be removed from the page. Sales listings can also be manually pulled down: if you see any other cases where items shouldn’t remain on the page, please open a support ticket to let our Marketing team know.

EDIT: Just confirmed that a bug was causing some “off-sale” items to remain on the page, despite being flagged for removal. That has just been fixed, so items should automatically leave the WordPress Sale page once prices are raised.


Hey @BenLeong thank you for the detailed explanation but according to the WP Sale Page Experiment

The experiment automatically identifies items that meet our discount and promotional pricing guidelines. That is, items that have had a stable price for at least thirty days and then are reduced in price. Those items are then randomly selected and added to the new landing page and may be removed at any time.

So it’s an automatic process or a manual one :slight_smile: ? Just wonder how there can be added multiple items from the same user (When the WP Category contains +11.500 themes). :space_invader: using that “automatic” way

Have an wonderful day!

No worries :slight_smile: It’s an automatic process, identifying the pool of items that qualify as having a promotional price based on price change events (stable for >30 days, then reduced within the last 30 days). The second stage is a random selection from that pool. The number of items displayed on the sale page varies, as there are several tests running to assess how to optimise that page for sales conversions. Part of this experiment aims to learn how we can best present these items to potential customers.

High numbers from a single author should be fairly unusual, but may happen if that author has a very large number of portfolio items currently on sale - I know we have at least a few authors with several hundred themes.

Funny Facts: One of the author got total 6 items under his account and out of those five are on sale and the most interesting thing is out of those 5, 4 of the items are listed in WordPress Sales page. I guess Envato needs to change there logic to select themes for this page.

That page is a nonsense… Still there is no explanation on why there are multiple items from one single author on there :expressionless:

Maybe, just to get some traffic. The selection process isn’t automatic. I’m sure about that…

P.S: We made some tests. Reduced the price of few themes from our portfolio. Any of them wasn’t listed on the page :frowning:


What a joke… almost all the items comes from the same author? Are you kidding? Shame on who made the selection. That page seems more like a way to promote only some particular authors.

This is how the page looks now https://envato.com/sale/wordpress/:

UPDATE: On the original item pages. The prices are $49 instead of $29 (the price from the discounted page).

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