Wordpress reviewers big problem - Wp Developers please tell me what you think

Please explain:

For your first issue - if you created those post types for theme functionality, then they should be in separated functions plugin bundled with theme, not in theme. Sometimes reviewers unzip all bundled plugins including Visual Composer when explore theme so they find those post types like they are in theme when they are actually inside bundled plugins. If you’re sure that is the issue here just mention that next time you upload theme that bundled plugins are not part of theme code.

Thank you for the response, but seem you not understand the problem, what you write is the same thing of reviewer. You should understand that it should NOT be in a plugin but into the theme, and again, 80% of themeforest theme do this for the porfolio for example.

You are the 3° people that write this, but every one not give any valid reason for do this. Because there are not reasons in most of times like this one.

Please give me some valid reason for do this.

Sorry I didn’t read all text, only your first issue and I thought you need help to get theme approved.

As far as I know it was not obligatory to add post types in plugin. But I do that for my themes. Maybe it becomes obligatory lately, don’t know.

For me personally this is enough reason to feel that it is the best practice: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2013/09/14/why-custom-post-types-belong-in-plugins

But honestly even if I don’t feel like that I would be more concerned just to have my theme approved.

There was discussion on forum about this long time ago, maybe you can find that topic…

So, you want a valid reason? I could give you one and it’s the most valid of them all - that’s the only way to get your theme approved and sold on TF. Take it or leave it. I don’t want to be rude - it is just what it is.

Actually the reviewers requirements makes a lot of sense and it’s the right and semantic way to do the theme specific functionality in a plugin. Also it’s not true that most themes do this for the portfolio. Could be true in the past, but not for the last 1,5 years.

Also, there is absolutely NO problem to have your custom Visual Composer functionality in your own plugin. All our custom composer elements are in the plugin, not the theme.

Once again - I have no intention to be rude. It’s just how things work here. If you want your theme accepted - obey the rules. As simple as that.

Very good explanation. I will do if the reviewer not understand this. But you not write any reasons. The simple true is that these requests not have any sense and write that the reason is due reviewer require it, is not a reason.

I’m forced to do the changes, this not mean at all the the changes are good to do ok?

If you really not understand this you are crazy. Is obvious that if the reviewer continue to require me these change I must do them.

Is also obvious that these changes not have any sense, and is clear that in my case these damage the user experience, if you are not shattered by this is really problematic.

Anyway some request will destroy part of my theme.

You not need to alert the user to activate the plugin? You not need to add extra function and monitoring functions with plugins?

You never heard about TGM plugin activation? http://tgmpluginactivation.com/

This thread seems to me like big misunderstanding.

Schiocco, if you are new here and want some discussion or advice, don’t call people crazy. It is the first rule of normal conversation online and offline.

First things first: Calling people crazy is not the best thing to do when searching for someone’s help or opinion.

Now on the questions:

No, if done properly you don’t need to alert the user to install the plugin. Our theme plugin auto installs and activates when the theme is activated and deactivates if you change the theme.

As for the specific example you’re using - don’t forget it’s a 3 YEARS OLD theme built and approved when there were different rules. (not to mention you’re not allowed to call other authors or items on the forums). The world keeps turning and rules change.

Just take the truth - it IS the best option to do it like the reviewer told you and it IS the only way to get your theme approved, and wining here would change nothing. All reviewer’s points are 100% valid and could be easily fixed in 48 hours max. (or even faster if you’re not working alone) and get your theme approved instead of complaining about the rules in the forums and pointing other author’s themes built years ago.

Your theme functionality and the user experience won’t be hurt if you do everything properly.

Sorry for the “crazy” i’m not english, I thought was not a bad world. Sorry.

About changes, yes most of theme changes not require many time. This is not the problem. The problem is that not have any sense and most funny thing, damage user experience, this the only reason.

I’m in the correct side and you are in the wrong, and this is confirmed do you continue to not write any valid reason related to these changes. From my side i written many valid reasons.

About auto activation, this is a great news, anyway stay the performance problem and others, that make this method worse.

About time, only change prefix is a big problem for me, due alle the page’s contents are based on these prefix and I must build again all my demos (30 full websites, about 400+ pages). This require about 20h of work, and I will accept to do it if there is a valid reason, but there are no reasons, and lost 20h of work for no reasons you can understand is frustrating.

Also modern themes (less than 8 months) have warnings of custom taxonomies and post type. Ex. check X | Theme http://www.pixor.it/shared/2016-09-01_133258.jpg

Anyway I’m partially surprised that you not agree with me. But I understand that many people will not understand and will never understand. About post type may be is more easy to understand in this way: is like i’m I reviews and I ask you to remove your plugin and insert all into the theme. What do you think about this, not have any sense right?

There are many valid reasons why post types should be in plugin and why prefix should be added. I don’t understand why do you deny that all time? Did you read the link that reviewers sent to you as source for that requirement? It is not valid for your? If you have your argument against that (and the argument is not crying why do you have to update your theme now) then open discussion for pros and cons for post types in plugin and write some argument against that.

Modern theme is not old 8 months, it is already old theme and if author care to have it updated he/she will fix that issues in next update. That errors didn’t exist 8 months ago when theme is approved because developer plugin is updated since that time and now raise the error you have on screenshot.

Next time don’t create 30+ demos for first theme review. Only one. Especially for your first theme. Average time for first time WP theme to be approved is 6 months, better learn on your errors and spend time on fixing what reviewer asks from you. Next time process will be faster.

I’ve just released a new theme, it’s huge, custom post types, visual composer etc. Yet here’s my theme check:

As you’ll noticed, discounting the top 2 items (The top 2 items are removed on the uploaded theme by my .git process) I have no errors or warnings, that’s because I’ve moved plugin level functionality to a plugin, and cleaned up everything else.

As for prefixing, it doesn’t matter what X theme has done, or what I have done, or what anyone else has done. Do what the review has asked, they know better than you, they know better than me, they do this for a job and they’re good at it.

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If you think that you are right on this and everybody else is wrong, explanation is easy, you lack experince. My advice to you is to chill, read those articles posted above explaining the reason to put CPT into plugin, and admit you need to work on your theme little bit more to make it up to current ThemeForest standards. Humility is what you need. You are not the first who had to redo a lot of his codebase to pass the review. Those requirements are totally valid. You can argue how you want, but you are wasting time.

Check out the following links on latest requirements


I think you not understand what I’m trying to say. I not think the requirements are not valid, but must be apply by the reviewer in the correct way.

You wrote about Humility but this is one of the points that I not like about the reviewer, we are in the same wonderful business and we should collaborate for improve the product, reviewers are developers like us, some one can be more good of the author, some one can be less. But if you see the theme is good you can understand approximately the skill level is good and you should consider some request of the author, reviewers know sure better of us the WP|CSS|HTML|PHP rules and requirements, but sure we know better our product and probably also to develop a Wordpress theme.

For example my theme was using a smooth scroll plugin and I forget to disable it for the admin, the reviewer seen this problem but he forced me to disable the wrong plugin without explanation, if disabled the theme not work no more. I wrote 2 times this but the reviewer not wrote me any explanation. At the end I found myself the problem but if the reviewer had to explained to me “scroll problem on admin” I was fixed it in 20 second instead of 2 days.

I understand there are a big amount of authors of every level, and is very difficult for the reviewer check a theme in a fast way and trust the skills of a new author, so he must follow the guidelines of Envato and not lost time to check more accurately the theme. But for this reason I was forced to damage my product. If I explain to the reviewer valid reasons for not do a change he should consider it, I feel me like I considered a newbie that is completely ignored.

For come back to the guideline, they are not god and there isn’t the need to remove every single warning every time. A famous example is the .zip warning when you insert revslider into your theme and activate it with TGM plugin. This is a false warning.

What I mean is that are guidelines, must the developers/reviwers to be good and able to understand it and apply it in the correct way. You remember that until few years ago the w3c validator did not validate any website, also google.com and facebook.com generated w3c errors.

And about the Post types and taxonomy warning, I not say there are not valid reasons, but for me there are more valid reasons for insert it into a theme, but this can change for different themes:

  • Portability: In most of themes use the plugin not add any advantage in terms of portability. Plugin and theme must be always together, my theme for sure.

  • Code re-use: For multiple themes with same plugin this is correct, but this is only a decision of the author, for my theme not bring any advantage.

  • Playing nice: Obviously this is not valid for themes reviews , make a plugin for allow other themes to use it require a dedicated project and a big amount of work, this separated from the theme review.

  • More users: Same thing of above point.

  • You’re a designer: Same thing of above point.

Anyway I’m not saying that the reviewers should force everyone to implement it into the theme like I prefer, this is a choose of the author, the difference are miniamal, not change almost nothing, some one can work better in a way, some one in another, not everyone coding in the same way, for me is better have one compact project, and every time is possible improve the performance. The plugin suck a bit more. So again a requirement that damage a bit my work, is a very small details, is not very important, but not have any sense.

This is not good:

  1. I followed this article https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822450-WordPress-Theme-Submission-Requirements

But after the reviewer wrote my that I can not do something that I seen was valid on this guide he wrote me that this page is no more valid. So my work was based on this page and I was forced to change some code for this error.

There 4-5 other small requests not valid for sure, but I wrote too much here.

Any big software like my theme become more difficult to develop as big it come, so every small change require a big work and must be analyzed and debugged very good. Is not good force the author to alter his code after he explained the reasons for not do it. This will cause only a bigger bug probability.

Anyway I’m sorry for the aggressive post, but is really frustrating update your product for remove useful features or damage the quality or the performance without a true reason.

What I’m trying to explain is valid and correct, maybe I’m not good to explain.

Reviews are not perfect, reviewers do sometimes miss, pointing at false errors. You can correct them in reply to reviewer field.
List of Submission requirements needs to be updated. It is a BiG shame they are not and authors have to share rejection reason on forums or other channels.

But that said, there are many big, feature rich themes which passed those newest requirements. So I am sure your theme can too. Instead of writting this essay you’ve could already fixed many of your issues. Honestly, you won’t get many other authors behind “your case”. Anyone who is here for a while understands that to have an item approved as fast as possible requires to follow reviewers advices. You may not always like it, but that’s how it is. It may sound harsh, but either adapt, or sell elsewhere. Old rule of survival of the fittest.


Yes I agree with you, I will need to implement the requirements and I lost two hours on this post. My theme will change only a bit also with these changes, not good changes but is not a big problem.