wordpress review queue length?

Two weeks ago i submited an item and it was reviewed after 4 days. Now my wordpress item is 9 days in queue and still not reivewed. I want to know is it normal or is a mistake here, cause i am seeing lot of new wordpress themes.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

12 days here… no words

About 13-14 days for new items and 6-7 days for resubmissions.


They say 9 days… yesterday it was 10 days… but I’m still here after 12 days. Not a big problem, I’m working on different things, but they could provide the real amount of days

Well sorry to say but this is very inacurate. While I could get that it can be wrong for 1 day, the resubmissions are now 6-7 days, while on that link it says 3 days. So it’s pretty much useless piece of information :slight_smile:

My new item has been 5 days in queue.

I think there are too much submissions these days. There are currently 4308 authors (TF only) who have at least 1 item.

Well resubmission queue went from 2-3 days to 6-7 days within a week. It’s hard to believe all of a sudden a flood of 500 themes came from somewhere.

When I opened this topic, i thought maybe it’s a problem in a review system. But now i understad that problem doesn’t exists, so we should continue with our work, until reviewers team make their work.