WordPress Project Management Plugin wanted:

I am after a WordPress plugin for a project management website, I thought I had found the perfect plugin in http://codecanyon.net/item/cqpim-wordpress-project-management-plugin/11788321 but it doesn’t do file attachments on the quote form.

I need the following:

  • client creates a project using a form - they attach a file to be used (wma file).
  • admin sees project in admin and can upload files to the project that the client can download.

I don’t need quote management, invoice management etc but I wouldn’t turn down a plugin if it had it.

Anyone know of anything? If it’s just a PHP script then I can probably handle that but Wordpress would be preferred.

@dtbaker - I see UCM could do what I want but can I strip it down to bare bones so there isn’t a quote stage, all forms filled in go straight to a project (job) and can the client and the admin both upload items for the others to see?

Hey @Gareth_Gillman, sorry I missed this post. UCM is quite complex and some people find it incredibly difficult to modify, while others find it very easy to modify. There is no “framework” as such so certain changes can be a little non-intuitive. It’s very old code that has been added to over the years.

However it still works fine and hundreds of people have modified it by adding/removing components themselves.

You would probably use the Settings > Signup feature in UCM to capture jobs with attachments. Or you can code your own 3rd party “signup” tool that adds data directly to the UCM database.

If something doesn’t work please shoot me an email and I can point you in the right direction with custom modification.