Wordpress post compare script

Looking for a Wordpress script that can compare custom fields by selection the posts you would like to compare and then press a compare link that would display the selected posts with the custom fields in a table layout. The function is included in a scriipt like JReviews (Joomla script) - http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com

The script could also include sort order of the fields etc.

can you explain me more… May be I can do this…

Well, the first part is that you need a way to setup custom fieelds in a good way. With the plugin “Advanced Custom Fields” (http://plugins.elliotcondon.com/advanced-custom-fields/ you pretty much have the admin backend.

The frontend would require that you add a checkbox next to each post that the user can then check and then press a Compare button at the top of the page. Pressing the button would take you to a new page that lists the posts you have selected for comparison in a table layout similar to http://www.sitebosscms.com.au/product-comparisons/163/.