Wordpress Portfolio theme with multi-level categories?

I’m a graphic designer and am looking for a Wordpress theme that has a multi-level category portfolio feature. Meaning, I would have some main categories (Logos, Print Media, Web Design) but also some secondary categories (Logos > Business, Construction, Medical, Creative, Etc.) … is there such a theme that can categorize a portfolio into levels like this? I’d like a user to be able to select Logos as a category and then another subcategory to filter the Logo portfolio down even further. Thanks for the help and advice!

Hey @lukeskybaker

A lot of blog templates will let you use tags to create two tiers of categories. If you want to get more in depth than that, I suggest picking a portfolio theme that you really like and then upgrading it with a plugin that will give you greater control over taxonomies, like the one below:

A quick search for “Taxonomies” in CodeCanyon will give you a lot of options in this regard :slight_smile: