WordPress Plugin is hard rejected

Can you please share what I have done wrong? here’s the demo

Needs improvement on mobile

Not particularly premium and mostly features and functionality they are relatively easy to find for free

Design is quite plain and again could be improved to feel more premium

Thanks Charlie, for your feedback

Hi Hamza,
Your site looks nice and clean and the plugin doesn’t look bad either.

The problem is that the plugin is quite basic / simple / minimalistic and this field (sliders) is also very competitive. For the plugin to be accepted it needs to look more premium and maybe have more features.

There need to be some compelling reasons why someone would choose you, and not choose some of the plugins here: Slider Plugins, Code & Scripts from CodeCanyon - for example more features, unique features, premium design, etc.

I suggest you try to do a bigger plugin with 10-20 features, something that could sell for $39-$49.

Make sure to also follow ALL these requirements:

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