Wordpress plugin for TV program schedule



I’m looking for a plugin that works much like the script of the TV channel BET.

Option 1 - Show TV program like this:

Option 2 - Display the details as below:

Some existing plugin easily allows to obtain option 2 but the more difficult it is to have a display as option 1

Someone has a track?

Thank you in advance!



I’m looking for a simple theme to make, and this looks like a reasonable proposal. However I want to fully understand what you are looking for.

  1. I assume by option 1 you mean the light blue bar just past the end of the fold?
  2. Where is the data coming from (and how is it being entered)? I can easily see administrative (time) issues with trying to import the equivalent of BET’s full schedule and maintaining it by hand.
  3. What are you planning to do with it? (I’m trying to get a general context to it).
  4. If created, what are you looking to spend?
  5. How much effort have you put into looking for this plugin and/or adjusting existing functionality? What problems did you find with what you found?

I use cost/commitment as a measure of interest and (a hint at) market value. I’m fairly new to this forum. Would this be a better/easier conversation to have outside of the forum? (e-mail, instant message, phone/skype) This has the potential to get very complicated fast.


Hi jjensen614,

Can I have your email?
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there is such a plugin?