Wordpress Plugin For Location Sharing

Hi all,

I hope you’re having a great time today.

I am using wordpress and buddypress for membership. I want a new plugin integrated which
*allows members to add location on their member pages (with a post if they want)
*save these locations on database with city, country, continent etc. information
*show in member page how many locations s/he shared in terms of city, country, continent etc.
*show their markers on a map (clustered if needed) (for example memberA added LocationA and some time later added LocationB, then both LocationA and LocationB will be visible in his/her map)
*ability to edit/remove existing locations
*these locations will have markers, one click on the marker will open a small pop-up and if it’s clicked the related post would open if specified.

*I want a general map to put homepage which shows which members shared which locations. If there is at least one member shared that particular location, it should be visible on that map with a marker (clustered if needed). If one click on any marker, s/he should be able to see in a pop-up which members have shared this location before.

Is there any existing plugin for this?

These are main features, if someone interested, I would like to talk more and support him/her with mock-ups if needed.

Thank you.

Out of box solution won’t be possible but if you could contact, we could discuss theme/plugin modifications